Aevo Potential Retrodrop Guide !!!

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3 min readFeb 27, 2024

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What is Aevo?

Aevo is the first Derivatives L2, focused on options and perpetuals trading. Aevo Exchange is a highly robust options and perpetuals CLOB decentralized exchange built on the Aevo L2 rollup on the Optimism stack, with Aevo Strategies (automated strategies) built on top. This architecture allows for low gas fees and low latency whilst significantly improving liquidity and capital efficiency.

$AEVO is confirmed with up to 16% of $AEVO for Incentives (Airdrop Included). Click here for tokenomics. Backed by the best investors such as Paradigm, Coinbase, Dragonfly, Nascent, Scalar Capital, Ethereal Ventures, Robot Ventures and Alliance, this project will surely be huge.

How to Get Eligible ?

  1. Go to and connect your Metamask wallet.
  2. Select Optimism or Arbitrum depending upon your choice to save on fee.

Don’t forget to check out their access restriction message :

3. You’ll need USDC, USDC.e or ETH on Arbitrum/Optimism Network in your wallet. Click on the Continue Onboarding button. I am depositing USDC. Approve it and then click the Deposit button.

4. Select any market from the list.

5. Now do a Long/Short order according to your preference. Place the order by click on “Place Order”

5. In the Orders tab, you can edit or cancel your order.

6. Open an order and cancel it after 5 mins. Repeat to create volume.

7. Make good volume here. Trade Futures, OTC, etc. Also, go to the referrals tab .

Refer your friends and earn 10% of their trading fees. Each referred trader also receives a 10% discount on trading fees for 6 months.

You can see Rewards History and Referral History from there as well.

That’s all for now. We will keep you updated if anything else comes.

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