Beamer Bridge Testnet: Potential Airdrop

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What Is Beamer Bridge?

Beamer is a community-driven project. Beamer enables users to transfer ERC20 assets directly between EVM compatible rollups — without going via L1.

Beamer solves the problem of rollup silos, enabling users to move and consolidate assets across rollups, make P2P payments to recipients on other rollups, and access dApps on other rollups.


Please Note, There is no official announcement or any hint given by Beamer team about airdrop to early users or maybe we don’t know. But using new platform or testnet always good than airdrops. That’s why i will perform all tasks and guide you.

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Steps To Do :

Beamer is now live on testnet. You can do test token (TST) transfers from Boba Rinkeby to Metis Stardust — and vice versa. Here’s a step-by-step guide:


  1. Ensure you have a Metamask wallet
  2. Add Boba Network Rinkeby and Metis Stardust Testnest RPC in your wallet (add them to Metamask via Chainlist)


Open Link:

  • Connect wallet with Boba Network Rinkeby Testnet.

Click “Get Test Tokens” button


  • Connect/switch wallet to Metis Stardust network.

Again click “Get Test Tokens” button


Transfer/Bridge some TST tokens from Boba Network Rinkeby to Metis Stardust.

Select “TST” Token

  • Enter Amount
  • Click “Transfer Funds” button
  • Approve some transaction.

Now, Transfer/Bridge some TST tokens from Metis Stardust to Boba Network Rinkeby.

That’s it…

Try to use Beamer Bridge Weekly or Daily to get better chance in the future retroactive airdrop.

Activity Tab

In the new Activity Tab, you can see all your past transfers (including the transfer summary, status, and explorer link). This increases transparency, gives you peace of mind, and helps you maintain accurate records.


  1. When you’re finished, please be sure to follow and share your feedback via the Twitter DMs.
  2. Join Discord Server and share your feedback in “💯│general-feedback channel” to get @Early-Tester role.


That’s It, DONE:)

Having Issues :- Please join our telegram group for help instantly.



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🤝 BlokDrops Socials :
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