Deepwaters Testnet — Confirmed Airdrop

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What Is Deepwaters?

Deepwaters is a hybrid exchange which can guarantee demonstrably fair pricing, fair execution, and true market data at scale, creating the first provably trustworthy trading platform. Utilizing blockchain technology, we prevent discretionary actions by all privileged parties, including ourselves.

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The Deepwaters testnet campaign has begun on August 31st. The following is a summary of their three phases:

  • Phase 1 : Create a wallet, Place limit orders and Withdraw to main wallets.
  • Phase 2 : Place market orders and Provide liquidity.
  • Phase 3 : Place RFQ orders

Steps To Do :

Set up your wallet:

The testnet will be featured on the below networks, you need to add all to your wallet to get started. This can be done through the below links:

Connect-Wallet >> Add-To-Metamask

  1. Avalanche Fuji Testnet
  2. Polygon Mumbai
  3. Ethereum Goerli
  4. Binance Smart Chain Testnet

Native Chain Faucets:

Certain portions of the platform involve on-chain interactions and will require testnet versions of AVAX, MATIC, ETH, or BNB. You can get these through the following faucets

Claim Deepwaters testnet tokens:

In addition to the network tokens, we created testnet versions of the tokens listed on our platform. To claim these tokens you will need to request them for the faucet page. See the steps below on how to do so?

Visit Link:

  • Connect wallet with Avalanche Fuji Testnet network
  • Click “Faucet” button

Select all Tokens

  • Click “Tweet to claim tokens”

You’ll be redirected to Twitter to post the tweet.

  • Once tweeted, Copy Tweet Link

Go back to Deepwaters page.

  • Paste tweet URL in box
  • Click “Submit” Button and Approve transaction.

Return to dashboard.

  • Again, Click “Faucet” button
  • Now claim Testnet tokens on all Networks, By doing same process.

Create a trading wallet:

Trading on Deepwaters requires you to set up a smart wallet in order to interact with our matching engine. This allows you to trade without having to spend funds on gas as well as provides you with MEV protection.

To set up your smart wallet please follow the steps below

  • On dashboard select deposit
  • Select token, Enter amount and click Approve

After the transaction is complete it will take around 1–3 hours for the balances to be reflected on the front-end for you to trade.

Placing trades:

  • On the exchange page select Limit as the order type.
  • Select the token
  • Enter an amount you want to sell, the price you would like to sell at, and the expiration options.
  • Click Submit Order and Sign message
  • You will receive a confirmation the order was submitted
  • You can also confirm the order submission and status by referring to the order history

Withdrawing to your wallet:

  • On dashboard select withdraw
  • Select token, Enter withdrawal amount and click Confirm

Important Tasks:

Join Discord to provide in their testnet channel:

Provide feedback :

  • Up-Vote
  • Add new Suggestions
  • Add a comment

That’s it, DONE :)

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