DSCVR and Distrikt Potential Airdrop Guide

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DSCVR (pronounced discover) which is currently in beta, the mission is to create a decentralized social content aggregation platform where users not only control the content, but also the platform itself. You can read more about it here. What makes DSCVR special is :

A decentralized social media network that empowers users. 100% on blockchain. They’ll have their own token — DKT. Also, an in-app reward system will be implemented and users who contribute will earn points. Users will be able to redeem points for DKT.

Few days ago, DSCVR announced SNS-1 airdrop for top users of DSCVR, distrikt and OpenChat. You can check this post. If you weren’t eligible, position yourself for the next Airdrop as there will be many for top members.

Steps To Register On DSCVR and distrikt :

  1. First of all, disconnect from WIFI.
  2. Download the distrikt App from Play Store or App Store.

3. After downloading, open the app. Next, click on Sign Up with the IC Identity.

4. It will open up in a browser. Click on Redirect me now. If you get any popups, do allow them. Also, give whatever permission it asks for.

5. Click on Create Anchor, enter any name and click Next.

6. You’ll get a popup. Click on Get Started and then Use this device with screen lock.

7. Next, there will be a captcha. Fill it in and click Confirm.

8. Here, you will be given Identity Anchor number. Store this 7 digit number safely. Also, do note that your Identity will be bound to your IP. That’s why I told you guys to not use WIFI. Click on Continue.

9. Select Seed Phrase and copy your seed phrase and store it somewhere safe. After this, click on Continue.

10. Guard that 7 digit number and also your device. The moment you lose this device, your account is lost. Even if you buy a new device, you’ll need this device to transfer details as each phone has different-different IP.

11. Click on Take me to the app! and you’ll be back to distrikt App.

12. Next, fill in the details asked like creating an username and click on Let’s start.

13. Now, to create a DSCVR account, go to dscvr.one and click on Login.

14. Login with Internet Identity. Select your Identity Anchor.

15. Now, create an username and enter your email. Verify Captcha and click Sign Up.

16. Now, follow the screenshots and go to Setting. Scroll down and find phone verify. Enter your phone number with your country code. Example: I’m from India so the country code is +91.

17. Click on verify and you’ll receive your verification code on your number. Enter that and click Verify.

18. Now, go to dscvr.one/p/dscvr and click on Join Portal.

19. Next, join their discord using this link : https://discord.gg/paRwjuQC

Do make sure you are using this setting under User Setting >> Privacy & Safety.

20. Go to #verify-dscvr-roles channel and click on Let’s do it.

You’ll be asked to enter this.

21. Go back to DSCVR setting and scroll down to find Pair Discord option. Click on It.

22. Copy this and enter in discord where asked. Also, it will expire every 30 seconds so be fast.

You can follow me on :

DSCVR - https://dscvr.one/u/DuhItsAniket
distrikt - https://distrikt.app/u/DuhItsAniket

If you missed SNS-1, no worries. There will be many airdrops for top users of DCVR and distrikt.

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For distrikt, use the app like you normally use twitter. Make friends and have fun. Also, when they ask for feedback, do give.

  1. Go to https://identity.ic0.app/ and click o n Manage Existing.

2. Now, click on Add New Device and then enter your anchor from your old device, provide a nice name and click Continue.

3. Next, you will get a popup like this :

4. Click on use phone with a QR code option. If your laptop’s bluetooth is off, it will ask you to turn it on.

5. After doing so, you’ll be provided a QR Code. Now, open you device and open any QR Code Scanners. You can tons of them on the playstore or these days all phone comes with Google Lens. You can use Google Lens to scan the QR code.

6. You’ll get a popup like this on your device :

Click on Allow and bring your device closer to the laptop. You’ll be asked to enter your phone password or fingerprint and you are all done.

7. Now, whenever you want to login to a site using your Internet Identity, you’ll have this option with your device name :

Click on it and then you’ll get a popup in your phone like this :

Just approve it and you are good to go.

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Thanks its done for today.
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