Ethereum KZG Ceremony Detailed Guide !!!

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About Ethereum KZG Summoning Ceremony :

The Ethereum community is scaling to global availability through Layer-2. The deployment for this will take place in several phases, the first of which will be EIP-4844, also known as ProtoDanksharding. If you go to the site, you might see some riddle like messages too. Ceremonies use secret inputs to produce outputs, making it impossible to reverse engineer and expose the inputs. They pass between the participants and the sequencer. Participants are entities that contribute their encrypted randomness to the final result. The role of the sequencer is to act as a common point of contact for all participants and also to check the participants’ contributions as the ceremony progresses.

To participate in the ceremony you need a wallet that has made at least three transactions in the Ethereum network. If you fulfill this requirement, head below for the steps.

Steps To Complete Ethereum KZG Ceremony :

  1. First of all, switch to Ethereum Mainnet Network.

2. Next go to and click on the Begin option.

3. Next, move your cursor until the snake is filled in green color.

4. Enter a Secret. It can be anything.

5. If the snake is filled in green color and you have entered the Secret, Submit button will work. Click on it.

6. You can use your Ethereum wallet or Github account to open the way. I will use my Ethereum wallet. Click on Unlock With Ethereum button and next click on Sign button.

7. Select your wallet and connect. Next, sign in. You’ll be redirected to another site to pass anti-Sybil tests. Click on Sign-In With Ethereum option and approve transaction in your wallet.

8. Next, wait for your turn to come. Do not close this page until your turn comes. Deadline is January 17.

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