Ethsign Early Tester NFT Claim ( Big Project )

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EthSign is building the interface between Web2 and Web3 by connecting legal agreement and smart contract. We present open-sourced infrastructures and scenario-specific applications to accelerate Web3 at a global scale.

Claim Your Badge Here

TL/DR — Upload Document >>Sign it >> Approve Tnx >> RT Like >> Claim Early Badge

Steps To Claim A NFT

There are two simple steps to be eligible for NFT Badge .

This Badge is given to the early participants of EthSign Signatures Beta Launch as well as the EthSign ecosystem.

  1. Sign document on Matic Network
  2. Retweet, Like and Comment your address below campaign related tweets.

Lets Sign a Document .

Open Below Link And Connect Your Wallet on Matic Network.


b) Create A Contract
Now we will create a contract by uploading a PDF.

c) Upload Any PDF Document

Now you have to upload any type of PDF to signit.
For Ex we will upload BlokHash Logo.

After uploading Click On Next.

d) Enter Receiver Address

Now Enter your receiving address or ENS address to receive document.

Now Click On add

After It Click On Next

e) Add Signature

Now Add All Fields to the document.
Double Click And Drag the selected field to the photo and Click On Next .

Must Select Sign , Date, Wallet

Click On Next

f) Add Password And Send

Now We have to add password to encrypte file

Click On Send

And Approve All 3 4 Transactions .

And Your Done Finally For Signing.

2. Like RT And Comment

Link —

Go To This Tweet And RT Like it
and Comment Your Wallet Address.

Yeahh You Are Done Now

Claim Your Badge Here

🤝 BlokDrops Socials :
BlokDrops | Telegram #ANN | Community | Twitter



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