Fuel Labs Retroactive Airdrop ! Dont Miss ( Next Aptos )

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3 min readNov 18, 2022

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What Is Feul Labs ?

Fuel is the fastest execution layer for the modular blockchain stack. It is the layer 1 fastest blockchain based on modular execution layer , they raised $81.5M from many tier 1 funds !! They have launched Beta 2 testing !!

TLDR : Download Extension >> Add To Chrome >> Claim Faucet >> Follow Alpha

1. Download Wallet Extension !!

Go to the website and choose the version which you want according to your browser. ( i am using brave browser )

Download Link : https://github.com/FuelLabs/fuels-wallet

Scroll Down And Click On “Install”

Direct Link : https://fuels-wallet.vercel.app/preview/fuel-wallet.zip

After installing we need to add it in our browser !!

2. Add Extension To Browser

Now we have to add wallet in browser ,

After downloading click on 3 dots and open extension.

After it turn on Developer Mode

Now Click on Load Unpacked . And select wallet file
Must Unzip the download file to select.

Cheers its downloaded now.

Video Tutorial Here :

3. Claim Faucet

Now we have to claim faucet to do transfers on TestNet of fuel chain !!

Link : https://faucet-beta-2.fuel.network

Go and Paste Your Address And Claim Faucet !! Check Images

You will receive 5 ETH very soon on testnet !

4. Do Transaction On TestNet !!

It’s very early , Even their explorer and wallets are not developed lol

As send is not opened now So you can wait when it opens ,

Tip : Do multiple transaction on TestNet !!

You can send it to our address ! ( When Open )

Address : fuel15s4rjmucfge2vyx9w8gmdf9lrk3cfm826khwmp42xetuuuy9rfvs2v0w68

5. Early Mover Alpha

As we all know we are too early , even the wallet doesn’t support send

What to do ? / Below is the list of some projects building on Fuellabs_

!! Follow them and stay active in socials !! Check List

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🤝 BlokDrops Socials :
BlokDrops | Telegram #ANN | Community | Twitter



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