How To Trade on DogeChain ? ( Confirmed Airdrop )

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Dogechain supercharges $DOGE to bring crypto applications like NFTs, games, and DeFi to the $DOGE community. Unfortunately, $DOGE cannot support any of these applications (or any other dApps). Dogechain fixes this

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Basically , as of now no CEX is accepting Dogechain withdrawl so to encounter this we have to bridge our assets to make able to trade lol.

Son here is the short tutorial for that : —


First we have to add Dogechain in our Metamask, for that we need RPC details or whot !!

Connect by using “Metamask”

Network Name: DogeChain
• New RPC URL:
• Chain ID: 2000
• Currency Symbol: wDOGE
• Block Explorer URL (Optional):

Congrats. You have set the DogeChain on your Metamask Wallet.

• Go to:
• Connect Wallet (you have to be on the DogeChain Network)
• Click Metamask

• Choose the Account you want to connect with and click “Next”
• Click “Connect”
• Go back to bridge website and click “Confirm”
• If a pop-up comes from Metamask click “Sign”
• After you Confirm, you will see your “DOGE Deposit Address”.
• Copy this address and go to Binance, Coinbase, KuCoin
• Buy Dogecoin
• Withdraw your Dogecoin and paste the address you copied before.

Congrats. Now your Dogecoin will be convert into wDOGE and will arrive in your wallet within 10 minutes.

Dogechain Explorer :- You can track the transaction by visiting.

Link :-


After wDOGE are in your wallet you ‘re able to buy any DogeChain coin is available by Dogeswap.

Link :-•

One More thing you can see chart by using Dex Screener.

Link :-

Thanks its done for today.

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Link :-

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🤝 BlokDrops Socials :
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