Magnety Alpha Testnet ( Confirmed Airdrop )

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5 min readAug 19, 2022

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What is Magnety?

Magnety is an asset management system allowing anyone, such as investment groups, DAOs, or individuals to get the most out of DeFi on Starknet & Ethereum through an easy-to-use platform.

The protocol will help you to create a highly customizable vault based on the investment strategy of your choice. Using Magnety Vaults, users can build, scale and monetize investment strategies using DeFi protocols included in the platform. Investors can send their assets in these Vaults in a non-custodial & trustless way.

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Will be considered based on your involvement during the TEST phase.

Steps To Follow:

In order to connect our wallet, we have 2 choices. Connect it to Argent X or Braavos. You can choose the wallet you preferer but in this tutorial I will only use Argent X since It is our favorite wallet.

install Argent X extension.

For Google Chrome / Brave:

Create a New wallet and create a new password.

You have to wait until the Deploy Wallet function is done and congratulations you just finished creating your wallet.

Open Wallet

Switch To Goerli Testnet

Copy Wallet Address

Get some Some goerli ETH for testnet


Or if you have some gETH from L1 we have to bridge them In order to take them on Starknet.


You will have to connect your both Wallet, Metamask and argent X

You can now transform your Layer 1 goerli token to Starknet token. When Swap doesn’t forget you have to pay the gas fees.

Testnet Guide:

Now Go to:

Connect you wallet to access the full fonctionnalities.

Create a fund:

In order to create a fund we need to click on the monetize button

We need to configure our fund, you can personalize it is as you want with a name an avatar, a description, some symbol for your fund, and choose the denomination asset.

I decide to make my Fund public, the minimum Investement should be between 0.000001 eth and 20eth. When you mint a piece of my fund, they are lookup at least 3h.

You can choose with which Defi protocol you want to interact with, you can also choose the Asset you want to trade.

Monetisation is the place where the fund manager will apply his own policies. he can set differents options up to 10% or 20%.

You need to trade some reference asset, in my case Eth against my fund token (BdETH for me)

You have to decide how much you want to put in your fund and how much token do you want to mint.

You will have to wait until this button show up (It’ll take up-to 15 minutes for L2 confirmation)

Tap on “Create My Fund” button wait and approve txn. After get approved (it’ll take 10–15 minutes again) refresh page.

Tap on your fund under profile section, and Invest or Manage in your fund. You can swap or add more liquidity etc. Just keep doing.

You can also Customise your profile, Set profile pic, name, discription and social links.

You have now tested all the Testnet features for the moment.

Stay tune MarketPlace will come in a few days. 😉

That’s it..

Note (Optional): You can use Alpha Road Finance to swap ETH to other token like Btc (since it’s alpha road Btc), Astraly, or pool token.


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