Merkly : The Airdrop Maxi Alpha Protocol !!

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3 min readJul 10, 2023

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What Is Merkly ?

Merkly is an NFT bridge on LayerZero that allows you to transfer NFT between chains using LayerZero technology.

I am sure that many of you is farming multiple airdrops like Layerzero , Zksync , PolygonZkEVM and many more.

Especially for layerzero peoples are chasing NFT Bridge for most of the chains, with Merkly you can Mint and bridge on 20+ networks.

This will not only increase your chances for Layerzero airdrop but it will also help you in maintaining activity on zkSync.

Wondering how ? no worries let me show you

1. Switch To Bridge

Merkly allows you to mint and bridge NFTs on over 20 networks.

Link :

Upon Joining , Go and connect your wallet there sers.

2. Switch To Turbo Bridge

Where you go on homepage , you will see a small button of Turbo Bridge , simple go and click on it.

Now you have to choose you chain from which you gonna do it !!

BSC >> 20 Chains
Avalanche >> 20 Chains
Zksync >> 11 Chain

My Suggestions

I will suggest you to do from BNB chain and zkSync Era , by this we can create a cool activity on Zksync Era also.

3. Mint And Bridge

Now we will mint our NFT and bridge it to Other chains sers.

Select chains you need to bridge. Skip unknown chains to save fees lol.

See here just click on mint and approve all the transactions , each transaction 0.5$ , btw you can still reduce the gas sers.

After minting bridge them

Choose one you want to do the bridge and just pay the fat fees lol.

For me i am doing to avalanche chain which costed me 25$ for all 20 chains bridge ,


  1. Deselected useless chains
    2. Lower the gwei to reduce the fees.

And its done.


At Blokdrops we are continously focusing to deliver best and steady content , our motto is always early alpha , So we are going to release many good things in near future on which we are working !!

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