Mint NFT on Aptos Devnet !!

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What is Aptos ?

Aptos is building a blockchain that uses a programming language called Move, which also powered the Diem blockchain and is supposed to make transactions faster and cheaper.

Aptos Labs, the web3 startup developing the Aptos blockchain, has raised $150M in Series A funding.

The round was led by FTX Ventures and Jump Crypto also included TradFi giants, Apollo Global Management, the private equity firm, and Franklin Templeton, the mutual fund provider.

How to mint NFTs on the Aptos devnet using Martian wallet.

BTW Aptos mainnet is coming soon!

Martian is building various products for the Aptos ecosystem including Martian Wallet, which is available as a Google Chrome extension.

Steps To Mint NFT ?

1. Download Wallet

First we have to download the Martian Crypto Wallet extension fron the chrome store.

Link :-

Create a new wallet and save your seeds.

Tip :- You can open Martian at any time by using this handy keyboard shortcut

Try: Alt + Shift + X

Click on the Airdrop to get 5000 test aptos .

2. Mint NFT

Now we will mint the NFT on Devnet.

Link —

Now Connect your wallet.

Put Name >> Description >> Nft Url .

Provide the NFT image URL and check the preview. You can host your image anywhere on the internet and then enter the URL which points to the image file not any other website.

You can check this by looking at the end of the URL, it should be .png or .jpg or .jpeg or .gif or .svg and other image file formats. If the preview shows your image, then you’re good.

Test Url :-

Now after it click on mint NFT.

Approve the transactions.

Now its minted , you can check it on your wallet.

This wallet is too same to Sollet wallet for Solana and Aptos also is very similar to Solana. Solana devs are moving to Aptos .

Sam and CZ both invested in it.

Its gonna crazy , we will explore it early

Note:- We will post every single step on Aptos including Node.

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