Mint NFT On ZkSync Mainnet ( Potential Airdrop )

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2 min readJul 12, 2022

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What Is zkSync ?

zkSync is a Layer 2 Ethereum scaling solution based on ZK rollup. Simply put, zkSync is fast and saves users about 90% of the gas fee. It has just raised $50 million led by a16z.

– Steps To Follow To Mint

1. Create A Account

Go to — and create a account. Use Email to create an account .

2. Upload

Click on “Upload”. Choose an image file to upload and confirm.

Choose File And Upload It.

3. Copy CID

After uploading, you will see the CID of your image. Copy it.

5. Connect Metamask and Deposit Eth on ZkSync –

You can bridge your assets from ERC20 to ZkSync through the bridge

Headover To —

Note -Bridge More than 5$ to mint

4. Attach CID in ZkSync Wallet

Now go to your zkSync wallet at
Click on “NFTs”. Paste the CID you just copied and mint your NFT.

5. Approve Tranx And Its Done .

The native token of zkSync has not been launched yet so there is some chance of airdrops in the future.

Thats All Friends

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