Mojito Markets Testnet Competition (Airdrop Confirmed)

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Mojito Markets is a decentralized application which facilitates trustless betting on the blockchain. Mojito Markets protocol enables the exchange of bets on speculative positions between participants in a way that is decentralized and trustless. This is achieved through the use of blockchain technology, and implemented on the Aptos network. Historically, the fight for market share within the betting industry has been fought in terms of advertising dollars instead of product innovation leading to industry stagnation in terms of new and better products. Additionally, web2 has revolved around the need for centralized, trusted, reputable third-parties to hold funds and facilitate exchange between parties, requiring security and trustworthiness.

As we all know Aptos has announced it’s Mainnet yesterday. Mojito Markets is still on testnet and has already announced airdrop for their users. They’ll Airdrop 0.4% of Mojito Market Tokens. Basically, it’s like a competition. You have to bet on different markets daily. And if you win, you’ll receive a payout depending upon which you are going to be placed in leaderboard. Also, this has just started on 17th October,2022. So, hurry up now to have a good chance against other players.

  1. First of all, fill this form :
  2. The form is really important for getting the airdrop and also use only the wallet that you used in the form to complete the testnet.
  3. Bets are made in testnet MUSD the native betting currency of Mojito Markets. 10,000 MUSD will be given to each player daily. You can claim it from the faucet on the site. I will recommend using the entire budget.
  4. Once a bet is placed, it cannot be changed. Minimum betting amount is 500 MUSD on each market.
  5. The competition started at 12am UTC on the 17th of October.
  6. There will be 8 Markets daily to place bets on what prediction you think can occur. These markets will range from things like sports, politics, crypto as well as a few novelty markets.
  7. Performance in the competition will be based on ‘highest winnings’ i.e. payout — bet amount. Winnings will be a function of total amount bet, potential ROI and bet amount per market. A higher ROI implies a lower probability of an event occuring.
  8. There are no multiple bets. One bet per market.
  9. The ‘potential ROI/payout’ may be subject to fluctuations depending on how other players place bets. Potential odds will converge to real odds towards the end of the betting window
  10. Each market will be made live at 12am UTC each day. They will be live for 24 hours at which time trading will cease and markets will go into resolution (i.e. a period in which market events take place and the outcome of each event will become known). These bets will then apear in the ‘my account’ screen.
  11. Results will be presented on the leaderboard 24–48 hours after trading is ceased where you can check your rank and rewards for that day
  12. More details and rules about the competition can be found here.
Daily Retroactive Airdrop Token Reward Allocation Table

1.Fill this form : . Use only that wallet in testnet that you filled in the form. Also, before doing the testnet, one must fill the form.

2. Now, go to the following link and connect wallet :

3. Currently, only these wallets are supported. I will be using Martian Wallet. If you don’t have it, you can install from here. You can use this faucet to get APT. Also, use this wallet details to fill the form above.

4. There will be a Airdrop MUSD button at the top. Click on it to and now click on Request Airdrop to receive MUSD tokens.

5. As you scroll, you’ll find 8 Markets there. Each market will be made live at 12am UTC each day. So, you’ll see different markets each day. Find a market that you would like to vote.

I’m choosing this one for the guide. There are two options : Above (in green) and Below (in red). You can see the potential ROI under them. Now, let’s make a bet.

6. Click on the arrow given to get option to fill the amount. I’m going for Below (in red) and I’m going to bet 3000 MUSD.

7. Enter amount and click on BET. Place the bet and approve the transaction in your Martian Wallet.

8. You’ll now see something like this :

The bet is successfully placed. You can also check it by heading to My Account.

9. Place bets on every market about what you think.

9. You’ll not see anything currently in the leaderboard as it is yet to be updated. You can check it from here.


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