Pangolin Is Live On Coston Testnet. ( Potential Airdrop )

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3 min readAug 29, 2022

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What is Coston Testnet ?

Coston is Flare’s public test network, or testnet. It is a testbed for developers that want to utilize Flare and test applications before risking actual value. This testnet allows developers to test the functionality of their smart contracts and debug before going live to Songbird or Flare Mainnet.

Reward :- No reward as per me now , but i am sure that your time will not be wasted in Blokdrops posts.

TLDR :- Add RPC >>Claim Faucet >> Do swaps >> Done

Steps To follow:-

Lets begin the tasks with detailed steps.

1. Add Network

We have to add Coston Test Network, and for that we can use Chainlist

Connect by using “”

  • Step 1: Go to, turn on the symbol of “testnet” next to the search button, and search for “coston
  • Step 2: Click on “Connect Wallet” button of Flare Testnet
  • Step 3: Then click on “Add to Metamask” and confirm “Allow this site to add a network”

Approve in metamask and its done now.

2. Claim Faucet

You can go to a “faucet” to receive test tokens (100 CFLR per day) so you can use the network.

Link :-

  • Enter your wallet address
  • Click “Request CFLR
  • You will receive 100 CFLR, and can come back every 24hrs to get 100 more.

3. Do Swaps

Now we will do some swaps on Pangolin Exchange.

Link :-

Connect Wallet.

Go to Swap

Link :-

Select token to swap and confirm the transaction.

Now do atleast 10 swaps because the more swaps the chances of finding a bug.

4. Staking

Now we will check staking dashboard and do stake somne test tokens.

Link :-

Open link and click on start.

Click on Approve And after stake and approve the transaction.

You will see a NFT once you are done with staking.

Note : — You camn also test other features too not limited to our guided. after doing all please join discord.

Link :-

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