PGN Testnet : A New Layer 2 by Gitcoin , Airdrop Guide

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3 min readJul 8, 2023

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What Is PGN 🟢 ?

Public Goods Network — a community-led L2 ecosystem for public goods maxis, PGN is a Layer-2 OP Chain, a highly composable EVM compatible rollup.

PGN is launched by Gitcoin, Its a platform that was originally created to fund web3 developers. There are over 180k followers on Twitter ,

Features :

Lets go through the bullish points of PGN in depth,

  1. Small Fees, Big Impact
  2. Easy Deployment
  3. Community Backed : IYKYK

Steps To Complete The Testnet :

PGN launched yesterday and they also launched their testnet which is live now , we are very early as always , project is too too much early.

Telegram have only 300 members lol, launched yesterday , no copy paster thredorrr there , exclusive early !!

If you wanna hunt more early alphas like this then join our private group and let us do care of yours fam :/

Link :

1. Add PGN to Metamask

You can add PGN to Metamask and other wallet applications using the following network information:

Network Name : Sepolia PGN
RPC Endpoint:
Chain ID : 58008
Currenty Symbol : Eth
Block Explorer :

Click the “Save” button to finish adding Sepolia PGN to Metamask.

2. Claim Faucet & Bridge

The PGN testnet is a version of Sepolia, so we have to claim the faucet and tokens we have on Sepolia can be bridged over to the PGN testnet using the bridge.

Claim Faucet :
Another Faucet :

Last but not least :

Go on any of them and claim faucet ETH.

Now upon claiming we will bridge then to PGN testnet network using the PGN Bridge !!

Link :

Connect your wallet by clicking the button that says “Connect Wallet”.

Enter the amount you want to bridge into the “Amount” field and click the “Deposit” button.

Bridging can take a few minutes. You’ll see a message that says “Deposit Successful!”

Block Explorer :

3. Become PGN Maxi

Though projects is in its early phase so there is nothing more devoloped , you can try the bridge several time to become an OG ,

BTW you can join their telegram and twitter earlier than 99% of members lol

Telegram : 313 users at the time writing
Twitter : 1100 followers at the time of writing !!

Thats it for now !!

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Link :



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