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ShowMeta is a Web3 gaming platform that connects players to their favorite Web3 games and Metaverses. As an App, we empower our community to play their favorite games, synthesize NFTs, and earn crypto. As a platform, ShowMeta allows builders to create their own Metaverse and token economy that integrate with the grand ShowMeta ecosystem. ShowMeta is the Steam of Web3.

Recently, they released a medium post announcing their ShowMeta Signup Up Airdrop campaign. A total of 2,000 Survival Shovel NFTs, worth $400,000, are given away in this airdrop. And these gears can mine our native tokens, $SHOW, a total of 200,000 pieces, what a surprise, right? These 200,000 $SHOW are worth $400,000 as well. Pretty cool, right?

  1. First of all, open your MetaMask wallet and switch to Binance Smart Chain Testnet.

2.Now, head over to ShowMeta website.

3.Click On EXPLORE and then click on ENTER SITE.

4.Here, you will find Login option at the last. Click on that.

5.Now, click on Signup.

5.Click on Connect Wallet and connect your MetaMask wallet.

6.Now, fill the details asked and click on code to get your verification code in your email. Head to your mailbox and fill the verification code and click on Signup.

7.Click On Next. You’ll be given option to set your character. Set is as you like. After you are done, Click on Claim and approve transaction in MetaMask. After that click Done.

8.Done. ShowMeta will now verify your account and will give you Survival Shovel NFTs. These NFTs can be used to mine $SHOW. At the end of the campaign, ShowMeta will update you on how they are going to be distributed.

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