Space ID Update — Airdrop Claim and Voyage Season 2 Calling

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4 min readMar 22, 2023

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What Is Space ID?

Just like ENS, SpaceID is .bnb Naming Service(SID, in short). SPACE ID is building a universal name service network with one Oracle which seamlessly connects people, information, assets, and applications across blockchains. It’s decentralized, censorship-resistant, and open-sourced.

SPACE ID is funded by Binance Labs. We had posted about SpaceID on Jan 12 . You can check it here :

On March 19, they announced Airdrop of $ID tokens. Snapshot time was March 10th, 2PM UTC and ~271,000 addresses were eligible.

Steps to Check Eligibility and Claim $ID :

  1. Go to and connect your wallet in which you minted the domains.

2. Find Voyage Season 1 and open it.

3. Here, you can find the tasks you completed and the total amount of $ID that you’ll get.

4. Claiming process is live from March 22nd to April 22nd, 2023 (one-month window) on BNB Chain, after which any unclaimed tokens will be sent back to the airdrop pool for future rewards. So, click on the Claim button and approve transaction in your wallet.

Everything You Need To Know About Voyage Season 2 — Calling :-

Space ID announced Voyage Season 2. If you were not selected for Early Adopters Airdrop, you can participate in Voyage Season 2 to be eligible for future airdrops.

Currently, they have invite system. You get mystery boxes for inviting your friends when they buy a domain. These mystery boxes will give you random points. I think the point can be converted to $ID token but lets wait for more update.

There are three types of Voyage Boxes of varying rarity :

  • Voyage Uncommon Box
  • Voyage Rare Box
  • Voyage Legendary Box

The previous Referral Program records of existing users will be converted into an equivalent number of Voyage Uncommon Boxes. Any Voyage Box received before March 23rd can only be unlocked for points on March 23rd. After March 23rd, all boxes can be unlocked for points immediately.

Criteria For Getting Different Types Of Boxes :

  • Voyage Legendary Box will be given to those people who refer the holders of blue chip NFTs and ENS.
  • Voyage Rare Box will be given to those who refers someone who held a certain number of native tokens (ETH, BNB, ARB) across blockchains or has Galxe Passport.
  • Voyage Uncommon Box will be given to those who aren’t eligible for Legendary Or Rare Box.

The person who is being invited will also receive a mystery box and the rarity will be same for both the inviter and invitee.

How To Join Voyage Season 2 :

  1. If you are new to Space ID and don’t have a domain yet, go to .

2. Connect your wallet on the site and then in the search bar, search for the domain you would like to buy.

3. After finding the domain, click on Register and register your domain. It will cost you around 5–6$ .

Also, mint .arb domain too. It might help in future.

4. Go back to and click on Claim your Box .

5. Set your recently bought domain as Primary by going to profile.

6. Back to Voyage Season 2 page, you can find your link to invite your friends. Invite friends and earn points from Mystery Boxes.

7. Boxes received before March 23, can be opened after March 23 and the points will be revealed. Refer your friends who have ENS or Galxe Passport for more points. More info is here.

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