SpaceFi Testnet ( zkSync )

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SpaceFi is a cross-chain web3 platform on Evmos and zkSync, with DEX+NFT+Starter+Spacebase as initial product. The first to connect Cosmos and Layer2

TL/DR — Faucet >> Swap >> Add Liquidity >> Farm >> Fill Form >> Done.

- Steps To Perform Testnet Tasks

  • This Testnet Is Quiet Similar to Domain Protocol Testnet !!
  • zkSync 2.0 Goerli Testnet RPC

Network Name: zkSync alpha testnet
Chain ID: 280
Currency Symbol(Optional): ETH
Block Explorer URL(Optional):

Claim Eth On —

Now bridge ETH from the Goerli network to the zkSynk network,
Use Bridge Here —

Claim DAI, LINK, USDC, wBTC ( zkSync Testnet-Goerli, layer2 ):

Connect zkSync testnet on SpaceFi


We recommend that you can add liquidity and farm to get more STAR. No need to directly buy many STAR or mint NFT, which may make STAR price too high, for there’re so many testers.

Swap >> Add Liquidity >> Farm >> Fill Form >> Done

Now we will use swap to exchange our coins.


I am swapping USDC > DAI but U can Swap USDC > STAR

Approve and Just Swap to Complete Swap.

Now we will add liquidity in the pools.

Go To

I am adding liquidity in USDC/DAI pool. U can add in another also.

Click On Supply And Approve the Transaction.

Now We will do farming in the same pool in which we have provided liquidity.

Link —

And Now Its Also Done .

You can swap, farm, mint or stake NFT, creat or join a spacebase. Learn more about SpaceFi product:

Now we will fill the form and do all task also dont forget to enter same wallet address as testnet.

Form Link —

All Done.

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🤝 BlokDrops Socials :
BlokDrops | Telegram #ANN | Community | Twitter



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