Stacked Airdrop ( 25$ Unlimited Times )

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What Is Stacked ?

Stacked Managed Portfolios — the new app and automated asset manager built to make investing in crypto simpler and smarter.

Steps Are As Below

1. Join Waitlist

Open This Link —
and Submit your mail id .

After it proceed further process on mail.

2. Verify All Tasks

You Will Get 25$ on Signup and 1 point on completing every task.

1 Point = 1$

3. Refer Your Friends

Each time someone joins the waitlist using your referral link, you’ll move up the waitlist and get $10 .

Top Refferer Rewards.

4. Make Unlimited Account

Now Make 1 Personal account and do multiple refer in incognito mode .

1 Personal Account >> 10 Fake Account >> Balance in real account is 130$.
Make As much account as u can.

  • Term and Conditions

Once the app is launched, you will receive $25 in your Stacked Managed Portfolio after you successfully complete verification, fund your account with $100 and hold it in your portfolio for 30 days. Referral rewards will be distributed once your invitee signs up for an account and holds $100 in their portfolio for 30 days. Leaderboard and giveaway rewards (including the grand prize of $25,000) will be distributed 60 days after the conclusion of the contest.

🤝 BlokDrops Socials :
BlokDrops | Telegram #ANN | Community | Twitter



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