Tally Ho Wallet Airdrop ( Confirmed )

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2 min readJul 6, 2022


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What Is Tally Ho ?

Tally Ho is a community-owned and operated Web3 wallet operated by the same people who use it.

Tally Ho is a community-owned and operated Web3 wallet, building off the road the early MetaMask team paved for the Ethereum community.

  • Fairly launched ⚖️
  • Sustainably aligned with users 🤲
  • Wholly owned by the community 👪

Potential Airdrop

Tally Ho has confirmed its token “DOGGO” and we can assure that they will do a retroactive airdrop.

Assummed Condition

  1. GitCoin Donar — We Are Posted Our Gitcoin Grants Card Which Also include Tally Ho as a donar. Maybe They Will Airdrop to Gitcoin Donar.
    - Our PostLink Of Gitcoin Grants - https://t.me/BlokHash/1510

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2. Early Community Member - They can also do some airdrop to their early community members , so be sure join all socials.

3. Early Wallet Users - Make sure to download the app and Use it and submit feedbacks also.

Process To Become A Early Tester

1. Download The Wallet

Use The Links To Download The Wallet.
Chrome . FireBox . Brave Browser

2. Do Some Swaps

After downloading the wallet , please do some swaps and create a good volume also do swaps on different chains also .

3. Do web3 DAO Pledge

👾 Important :-

Tally Ho launching its DAO very soon , so let’s pledge to the DAO.

They have given a hint for airdrop, check above photo 👆

☠️ Steps To Do !

Link https://tally.cash/web3pledge (https://tally.cash/web3pledge/)/

• Click on “Sign Now “
• Connect Your Tally Ho Wallet
• Sign Pledge And Share On Twitter !!

To do that, we need you. Join the Discord, and be ready to share:

  • What don’t you like about today’s Web3 wallets?
  • What features are you missing?
  • How can we make open finance easier today?

🤝 BlokDrops Socials :
BlokDrops | Telegram #ANN | Community | Twitter



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