Taro🧋Testnet Detailed Guide ( Alpha )

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What Is TARO🧋?

Taro is an OP Stack (Optimism Bedrock-based) testnet chain that utilizes Celestia’s arabica testnet for data availability (DA).

Taro is a project from Caldera, they have raised over $9M from major funds, they recently launched a testnet, a great opportunity to test the site at an early stage.

Funding Proof :

Steps To Complete The Testnet :

Taro is the first live blockchain to make use of Celestia’s newly released modular DA interface for the OP Stack. Taro is a fully-fledged rollup settling on the Ethereum Goerli Testnet, complete with a faucet, bridge, and block explorer.

There are few tasks on which we will focus today , so without wasting the time , lets go forward lol !!

1. Adding Taro Network & Claim Faucet

For going forward with our process we need to add the testnet network !!

Network : Taro Testnet
Network URL : https://taro-testnet.calderachain.xyz
ID :1582
Currency symbol : GETH

Btw you add directly too by just clicking on the button and approve in wallet !!

Link : https://tarotestnet.com/

Now we have to claim faucet , to go through the process !!

Faucet Link : https://tarotestnet.com/

Done , you will receive it in a while !!

2. Create Post

GM portal is a simple smart contract that allows you to send a message to the blockchain.

Now we will create a test post on gm portal , same like lens protocol lol !!

Link : https://www.gmportal.xyz/

Open & connect wallet

Click on create post and type your post

Send Post & Approve the transaction !!

Note : You can create few more posts , btw its a testnet lol , no fees rug

3. Mint & Sell NFT

Build market, the first generative art marketplace on Celestia.

Now we will mint an test collection NFT to test it.
Connect your wallet mint an NFT from a featured collection below.

Link : https://www.buildmarket.xyz/mint

Click on claim & approve the transaction !!
Now we will list this NFT to marketplace !!

Link : https://www.buildmarket.xyz/sell

Create Direct Listing and approve the transaction !!

Done !!

4. Create a Smart Contract

Now we have to deploy a smart contract to the Taro testnet.

Note : We are surfing a short method for it , till then u can skip this task !!

If you can do it by yourself then you can do it

Link : https://docs.celestia.org/developers/deploy-on-taro/

Our Views

Our Views On this testnet : Basically we can see few giants are collabrated and proposed it , also its a first ever NFT on celestia ?

There is no point of missing it lol , whether it give us profit or not !!

So go ahead and do it now !!

Guys don’t forget to clap max on this tutorial pls it takes hardwork.

Thanks its done for today.
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