Top 5 Web3 Wallet With Airdrop Rumours !!

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Hell Yess yesterday was sunday and we posted a Sunday Exclusive Thread

So here are Top 5 Web3 Wallet With Airdrop Rumours with the steps and some fact checks also. And dont forget to read our Sunday Exclusive Thread.

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As always we will do a fact check on every wallet ! and will share some alpha as a bonus before proceeding we will warn you to stay #DYOR

Tally Ho is a community-owned and operated Web3 wallet operated by the same people who use it.

Link —

Tally Ho has confirmed its token “DOGGO” • TallyHo wallet is live on chrome, Firefox, brave or more.

  • Condition to become a early users.
  1. Gitcoin Donor R14

2. Do Some Swaps on Each Chain

3. Join Events on discord ( Community Calls etc ) Also be active on their socials.

There’s a lot rumours in market that using swaps will make u eligible for #Airdrop !

But we are Hunter , we will not stop only on swap You guys also know that a lot of jeets already tried swaps , for sure they are not gonna airdrop jeets. So what to do?

According to me :- To Do

  1. Do Some swaps and create a decent volume

2. Get engaged with events and explore the web3 protocols ( Gitcoin donator , DAO voter , uniswap , nonce count etc) Also don’t forget to become a regular users !

Buy, earn, stake and trade on Ethereum Layer 2 with low fees & bulletproof security.

Link :-

• Very low fees
• no seed phrase / private key
• Bullet proof security And many more

To Do Tasks !
Apart from Argent #Airdrop many protocols of layer2 can airdrop to the active apes of argent Wallet !

  1. Create L2 wallet

2. Deposit with Fiat, do trades , earn yield on ETH

3. Donate On Upcoming #Gitcoin rounds And Stay Engaged with the community

Zerion wallet is a non — custodial wallet that secure open source technologies!!

Zerion have a lot rumours going on to launch its token and do #Airdrop to hunters.
And yeah decentralisation already announced !

Link :-

To Do Tasks !
Only with Activated Zerion DNA your transaction will be counted !

  1. Mint Zerion DNA NFT for free from the wallet ( Gas Fees Required )

2. Use Swap Feature

3. Do Active transaction

4. Must Mint DNA NFT else all work will be washed off !

Rainbow is a fun, simple, and secure Ethereum wallet that makes managing your assets a joy. It’s full of emojis and it also support NFTs

Link :-

Task To Do !

  • Do Swaps and become a active ape (Rainbow recently did Series A Funding ! )

Finally it’s over , and these are the 5 wallets mention in the Blokdrops list ! Don’t forget to share your love fam.

Thanks its done.
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🤝 BlokDrops Socials :
BlokDrops | Telegram #ANN | Community | Twitter



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