Trustless Incentivized Testnet on ZkSync (Confirmed Airdrop)

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Trustless is a community dedicated to re-building foundational defi protocols in a maximally Trustless way.

The Trustless Currency Protocol allows anyone to borrow Hue, a token that can not be censored or controlled.

For this testnet we will be using ZkSync Alpha Testnet Network, Switch to it on Metamask.

Don’t worry if you don’t have ZkSync Alpha Testnet Network added in your wallet.

Just Follow Steps….

Head to:

STEP1: Click “Switch to zkSync Testnet” button

After That, Click on “Add zkSync to Metamask” button.

  • Approve & switch network in Metamask

Now, Click “Connect a Wallet” button

  • Confirm in metamask….

STEP2: Join Trustless Discord server:

  • Verify yourself

To get some faucet tokens, copy your Metamask wallet address and paste in the #faucet channel.

STEP3: Get some ETH for paying gas fees.


  • Connect Wallet
  • Click on “Request Funds From Faucet”
  • You would be redirected to Twitter, then Tweet that message. You would immediately get 0.02ETH which you would be using as gas.

Or, You can bridge from Ethereum Goerli to zkSync Goerli.

Bridge Link:

STEP4: Create Position

  • Go to:
  • Click on position
  • Set the amount of ETH you want to deposit .
  • Now scroll down click on “Approve” and “Confirm” to create position.

Now, get some HUE Tokens

  • Click Edit position
  • Click on percentage you see on the “DEBT” section.
  • Click “confirm” and Approve transaction on Metamask.


  • Click on stake
  • Click on DEPOSIT
  • Enter the amount “HUE” you wanna deposit
  • Now scroll down click on “Approve” and “Confirm” to deposit stake.

Now, Click on WITHDRAW

  • Enter the amount “HUE” you wanna withdraw
  • Now scroll down click on “Approve” and “Confirm” to withdraw stake.


  • Click on liquidity
  • Click on “Add”
  • Set the amount of liquidity for HUE Token you wanna add
  • Click on “Approve” and “Confirm” to Add Liquidity
  • Click on “Remove”
  • Select the percentage of liquidity for HUE Token you wanna remove
  • Click on “Confirm” to Remove Liquidity


  • Now click on “my wallet”
  • Take screenshot of transactions.
Screenshot Example
  • At the bottom of the page click on “Retweet Trustless”
  • You’d redirected to Twitter , Quote RT the tweet and copy the tweet link.
  • Now go back to discord
  • Head to #Demo-submissions
  • Now send screenshot and the link to your tweet
  • The bot will give a role for completing testnet Task!

Having Issues :- Please join our telegram group for help instantly.


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