What is DogeChain ? (Confirmed Airdrop )

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What is DogeChain ?

Dogechain supercharges $DOGE to bring crypto applications like NFTs, games, and DeFi to the $DOGE community. Unfortunately, $DOGE cannot support any of these applications (or any other dApps). Dogechain fixes this. WIth Dogechain, Dogecoin holders can do more than simply hodl and wait for Dogecoin to moon!

Features Of DogeChain ?

There are alot of good and best features of DogeChain are as follows,

  • $DOGE as a gas fees :- Dogechain brings utility to Dogecoin users tired of simply hodling $DOGE!
  • Much fast, Such cheap fees! :- The blockchain uses POS consensus to provide cheap fees and fast transactions! )
  • A Doge Ecosystem :- Dogechain exists as a layer on top of Dogecoin. Without Dogechain, $DOGE users cannot participate in NFTs, games, or DeFi.

Airdrop ?

As per sources they are going to airdrop DC token to their early community users and its confirmed by their team.

  • The dogechain team is preparing to airdrop millions of $DC tokens to the Dogecoin community.
  • The Dogechain team does not believe in special VC allocations as we’re solely focused on community. ( Something juicy is coming )
  • The Dogechain airdrop will occur later this year… more information on the snapshot coming soon!

Yo Dont miss the opportunity to be a early ape !!

What Is $DC Token ?

DC token is the native token of DogeChain and $DC will be airdropped to the community.

  • As the official token for Dogechain, $DC tokens enable users to partake in proof of stake governance.
  • $DC tokens give community members access to special “Hodlers Only” features.
  • $DC holders will gain token-permissioned access to compete for free tickets to the Dogechain Conference this year.

How To Ape ?

There are many ways to become early user of Dogechain and some of them is mentioned below. Have as deep look.

  • Become an Active user of Dogechain :- As of now many shitcoins or projects coming on Dogechain you can explore them and become and early and active users of it .
  • Become early user on Dicord :- Only 700 members at the time of post. ( Early )

Link :- https://discord.gg/NxpqFxFa

  • Use Bridge :-

If you are going to trade on dogechain then you have to bridge your DOGE to the Dogechain.

Link :- https://bridge.dogechain.dog/bridge

Reward for Bridge users also be there.

reward confirm.

Step 1
Connect your Metamask browser extension to the web app. Go to your Metamask wallet and follow the instructions to switch to the Dogechain mainnet.
Step 2
Click on “Confirm” to reveal the Dogecoin address where you need to send your $DOGE.

Step 3
Copy this address to your Dogecoin wallet and send the desired amount of $DOGE that you wish to bridge on the chain (minimum 100.0).

Step 4
The protocol will wait for 6 network confirmations to mint the corresponding $wDOGE. Once the transfer is confirmed, it will send the tokens to your EVM Dogechain wallet.

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