What the fu*ck Aptos is ?

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What Is Aptos ?

Aptos is building a blockchain which is supposed to make transactions faster and cheaper. Basically in short it’s Solana 2.0 !

The round was led by Binance Labs ,FTX Ventures and Jump Crypto also included TradFi giants, Apollo Global Management, the private equity firm, and Franklin Templeton, the mutual fund provider.

aptos x binance

Aptos uses a programming language called Move, which also powered the Diem blockchain. The company’s headquarters are in Palo Alto, California !

Aptos releasing its MainNet In Q3 Alright

Aptos’ two co-founders, Mo Shaikh and Avery Ching, both worked on Diem at Meta before leaving the company and starting Aptos Labs.

Now let’s explore the wallets , blockchain , Mint NFT , Swaps etc.

Aptos is a gem

1. Wallets on Aptos

Below some popular crypto wallet on Aptos.

• Martian Aptos Wallet — Almost Similar To Sollet wallet of Solana !
• MultiMask — Copy of MetaMask even UI and all !
• Fewcha Aptos Wallet — One of the Best Wallet on Aptos !
• Pontem Wallet — Still Building ! And many more are there !

2. Want Trade on Aptos ( TestNet )

Check below to explore some good swaps.


- Pontem is developing the first automated production-grade market maker on Aptos modeled after Uniswap. Investors: Aptos, Mechanism Capital, Kenetic, Alameda Research, Digital Logo, Animoca Brands and many others.

Here you can explore Pontem networks Liquidswap On TestNet !

Check Out —

• Wanna Try To Mint Out NFTs on Aptos ?

If you Wanna try out to mint NFT on Aptos chain and want to feel it early.

Checkout —

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