Zora Network New L2 Possible Airdrop Guide

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3 min readJul 7, 2023

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What is ZORA?

ZORA is a decentralized protocol where anyone can permissionlessly buy, sell, and create. ZORA is a space for creators and collectors to enjoy Ethereum and the opportunities it creates. ZORA offers a toolkit to have your artwork, songs, videos, podcasts, animations, or memes turned into NFT collections. It is not just for the creator; we are for the collector, too, with access to personalizable profiles and the ability to explore our home feed to scroll through live and mintable collections from the ZORA community. ZORA have raised $60M in 3 Funding Rounds.

Yesterday, they announced their own Layer 2 Network named ZORA Network.

ZORA Network is a L2 Network secured by Ethereum built on the open-source OP Stack, maintained by the Optimism Collective. L2 solutions specialize in handling transaction execution. Zora Network is gas efficient and scalable L2 Network. Let’s bridge some funds and be early users of this network.

Adding ZORA Network In MetaMask :

You can add the network manually or from Chainlist.

  1. Open Metamask wallet and under Networks, click on Add network.

2. Now click on Add network manually option.

3. Fill the following details and click on Save.

Network: Zora
Chain ID: 7777777
Gas Token / Currency Symbol: ETH
RPC: https://rpc.zora.energy/
Block Explorer: https://explorer.zora.energy/

You have successfully added the Zora Network. Let’s Bridge some funds from Ethereum To Zora Network.

Bridging From Ethereum To Zora :

  1. First of all, go to https://bridge.zora.energy/ and connect your wallet.

2. In the deposit tab, enter an amount that you would like to bridge from Ethereum To Zora and then click BRIDGE button.

3. Your funds will arrive on some time. You can go to the Withdraw tab and withdraw your funds back to Ethereum. Just enter an amount and click on WITHDRAW button.

4. Do note that it may take up to 7 Days before you receive your funds in wallet.

Mint NFT :

  1. Go to https://zora.co/collect/zora:0x6c00cf938446c553a581f913fb0ad17a613157f9/1

2. Switch to Zora Network and Click on the Mint button given below.

3. Click on Mint and approve transaction in your wallet.

4. Your NFT is now minted.

That’s all for now. We will keep you updated if anything else comes.

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